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Howdy there partner

2012-06-05 12:52:34 by Urobach

Oooookay. I'm back with more shit for ya guys.

This sick stuff is some short-lived project I started out of boredom back in 2008. I even named it Imagery of Boredom. I was highly infected by noise music back then, and wanted to try it myself. I think it ain't so bad. I'm waiting for your responses. If it passes I will consider making more of it.

Jeez, four years have passed. No fuckin' way.

Listen and comment

new song

2008-10-17 13:48:19 by Urobach

new song uploaded. good nite

New recent record

2008-06-07 14:50:57 by Urobach

I have uploaded some stuff from my recent record. Tracks are named XXX, Orphan Hate and Air Squadron. Listen and comment, i hope you will enjoy it! Stay Brutal Motherfuckers! \m/

New stuff

2008-04-12 06:21:40 by Urobach


I've redone my first submission using my new recording stuff, the quality isn't better than the first one, but its 'mastered' better, I will upload it soon, so wait for it, and vote is it better or worse than the first one.

Stay Brutal \m/

Next submission

2008-04-06 03:53:34 by Urobach

I get my first good rate recently :D really good 5/5 10/10. I know that I shuldn't get that high, but this one really lifted me up, and i want to upload new stuff. I asure you it will be better than first one. I hope u will enjoy it, just wait for it.